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Welcome to Supple Hands Massage Therapy!

I hope this website educates you about massage therapy in general and my business in particular!

My name is Jeanne Supple, and I have been in the business of helping people through massage therapy since 1994, mostly right here in Lakeland. I was the therapist at The Ultimate Salon on South Florida Avenue from 1994-2000. Then I had my own business in Dixieland, renting space at Herbs and Aromas until 2004.

At that point, I decided to do a little traveling, and I spent the next year in the western U.S., Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. While I was gone, I was introduced to some new techniques and strengthened my skills in others. On my return, I split my time between mobile massage and teaching massage at Traviss Technical College in Lakeland. In 2009, I resumed my private practice.


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Now I am dedicating myself to doing what I do best, which is using knowledge, skill and compassion to help YOU feel your very best!